123 Ramen


123 Ramen

One of the drawbacks to dining in Bend is that we lack authentic ethnic food. When I travel I LOVE to go out to eat as much as possible. Japanese food is a big one for us. So I was excited to give 123 Ramen a try in their shop on 2nd street.

I am a huge fan of a good bowl of Ramen and was really hoping to have a big hot bowl of it and put it into my rotation of go to spots. The menu is easy as 1-2-3 (oh man, I’m sure some other dopes used that line in their reviews….my apologies). Pick between 2 broths, pick 2 toppings and then garnish. $12

Here’s my selection to make it easy on you….Beef Broth, Pork, Broccoli, Egg (extra buck). Done.

123 Ramen

I found the Ramen to be OK. It is a very small bowl which explains all the complaints I hear about the price. $12 for a bowl of Ramen is pretty normal. But at other places in other cities you also get a lot more for that $12 such as bigger bowls and more toppings.

1 ) Broth – I found the broth to be very light and lacking salt. It must be a Bend thing as the other Ramen spot has the same issue. Also, its not hot enough temp wise. I want the broth to be crazy hot so when I spend a few minutes stirring up the noodles and mixing in my topping it remains hot. This broth started out warm and turned cold before I finished.

2 ) Toppings – I enjoyed the pork as it was tender and tasty but I’d much rather had it shredded to get some with each bite. The broccoli is good but not worth $2. Maybe with a bigger bowl you’d get more and then I wouldn’t mind the charge so much. The egg is worth the buck and cooked perfectly.

3 ) Garnish – The cup of pickled veggies were a nice clean crunch to add some texture and change of flavor. I liked them in between bites. I chose not to mix in the cold veggies into my already cooling broth.

Bigger…hotter….saltier. Do that and its a damn fine bowl of ramen. But, just like this review, the Ramen was OK.

123 Ramen
1289 NE 2nd St. Bend, OR 97701


Sidelines Sports Bar

My favorite spot to watch a game is Sidelines Sports Bar. It has everything I look for in a sports bar. Strong drinks, plenty of tap handles, good food for cheap, video poker, and tons of large TVs. It’s loud and the people get into the games.

I wouldn’t take the Wife there for date night BUT we will go there for a pre-funk beverage or a late night drink and some poker. We also hit up Sidelines for breakfast and a bloody before running the errands like Costco or the grocery store. Shopping on a full belly is smart. Shopping after a bloody mary, might end up going home with a 65″ tv. Still makes the day much more enjoyable.

I enjoy breakfast at Sidelines on the regular but one of the lesser known nuggets of gold are their individual hand tossed pizzas. For $7.95 for a basic pepperoni you get a solid pie. They don’t cheap on the cheese or toppings. Sidelines is not my first option when I think about getting a pizza for the fam but for this price and for watching a game, this pizza is damn good.

Sidelines Pizza


Sidelines Sports Bar
1020 NW Wall St
Bend, OR, US 97701
Phone: (541) 385-8898