Zydeco – Bend Oregon


Zydeco – Bend Oregon

Zydeco is one of the most popular restaurants in Bend. At least it seems to be for me since every single time I try to go, it is completely packed. The Wife and I were able to find a spot in the bar at the long community table. We enjoy sitting in the bar at a lot of different restaurants. Joolz, Ariana, Blacksmith, Brother Jon’s, are among our favorites.

Sitting at the bar gives us a chance to talk to the staff and rub elbows with locals. I mean who wants to just sit across from each other in silence again?! She’s heard all my jokes, she knows all my stories, I got nothing else. Or even worse, what about those weirdos that sit on the same side of the booth when it’s just the two of them? Leaving one side of the booth empty is just weird man.

I’m kidding about not having anything to talk about though. The Wife is awesome and we crack each other up constantly. Mostly talking trash about the weirdos around us like that couple that just sits there not saying anything to each other through the entire meal. Whats up with them? SAY SOMETHING!! Why are you still together? Why are you out in public?

Anyway, back to Zydeco. We really do enjoy ourselves when we visit Zydeco. Our favorite bar combo is to get the roasted clams and the BBQ prawns with the southern grit cake. The clams come on top of a slice of bread that soaks up some of the broth, the bread is soooo good, the broth is great and we destroy it every time. The BBQ prawns are absolutely amazing and the sauce they are covered with is plate lickin good. You will sop up all the sauce with any bread available.

Zydeco BBQ Prawns – $11

Zydeco BBQ Shrimp

Zydeco BBQ Shrimp

This is one of those “must try” dishes that I’d recommend to anyone, even if you’re allergic to shellfish. Suck it up and try it. 

Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails
919 NW Bond St  Bend, Oregon 97701
(541) 312-2899

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