Who is BOR?

Who is BOR?

The Bend Oregon Restaurants Blogger, or BOR, is just your typical average fan of going out to eat at most of the dining options in Bend, Oregon. I have always loved going out to eat. But, for a long time when I went out to a restaurant I would typically go to the same few restaurants and get the same few dishes. I’m a creature of habit. I wanted to try new places and I started reading local papers for their recommendations. After trying out the places they recommended, I was not happy. I don’t understand how a person could provide a review of an entire restaurant by trying a few dishes.

On top of that, the reviews I read all seemed to be overly positive for restaurants that every one in Bend knows is not as good as they said.

This is why I started writing my blog. I write about the dish that I tried. That dish or dishes are all I can comment on since I that is all I have tried. I don’t try to get into the history of the owners or whatever drama is going on with the restaurant business. I don’t like discussing service unless it is consistently poor or always amazing visit after visit. Sometimes talking about service sneaks in but I try to keep it out as staff changes so frequently but my reviews stay online for good.

I write my own opinion of the dish or dishes that I try and I pay with my own money. The money that this site makes from ad revenue goes to charity such as Neighbor Impact that helps to feed the needy. I figure that since this is a food blog, donating to a charity that helps to feed the hungry is a great match.

I do not really care what you think of my reviews, I only try to entertain and inform. If I like a dish, I’ll let you know. If I don’t…I’ll really let you know. You can still feel free to email me if you want to chew me out, congratulate me, announce a food related event, or just to tell me that I rock.



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Bill November 23, 2014 at 5:35 pm

I have enjoyed reading some of your reviews but I think it is time to update some of your choices. Jakes for one has really gone down a wrong road. the last couple times I have been in there the biscuits have been microwaved and who ever is making the gravy hasn’t got the touch or they have gone to a powdered mix. Some of the other reviews need to be looked over as well Baldies now does breakfasts and alpenglow has closed it’s doors. I will continue to check some of your other reviews some of the lunch ones sound good and I do like finding and trying new places.


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