Versante Pizza – Lunch Special


Versante Pizza Lunch Special

I’ll start off by saying that Versante Pizza is 0 for 2 with me. My original post was not very good when I tried to get a slice for lunch and was rejected. Their website said they had slices for lunch but they didn’t have them available yet as they were fairly new. Instead of pizza, I ate some of a sub-par sub-sandwich.

Driving by recently I saw signs on the front of the building that led me to believe that there are slices available for lunch. I decided to give it a go.

Looking over their lunch specials I decided to go for a couple of slices and a fountain drink for $7. I could have gone with just one slice and a drink for $4.50 or do a slice and salad bar but I don’t do unattended self service troughs. They just freak me out with people touching stuff. Plus its salad…not there for salad.

With your lunch slices you get to choose two toppings per slice. I make my selections and take a seat and wait. Then I waited, and waited. I grabbed a copy of The Source and read the entire paper. Now I didn’t read every single article or all the events, plus I’m a slow reader. I read everything I wanted to and browsed through the rest like a normal person would. Then I sat and sipped my soda and looked around the room twiddling my thumbs.

Maybe they were cooking up a new cheese pizza before being able to get me my slices. Maybe these were special slices that they actually make from scratch like little individual pizzas. My mind had plenty of time to wonder about how good these slices must be.

After an uncomfortable 14 minutes (yes, I timed it) of waiting for two slices of pizza to have a couple toppings thrown on and then tossed into an oven to be finished off, my slices arrive at the table. No apology or even comment about the wait. Now, if you’ve actually read these 6 paragraphs to see the photo, you’re in for a treat….

Versante Pizza - Lunch Special

Versante Pizza - Lunch Special

AMAZING-…..wait for it like I had to…..-LY DRY. Probably should take some of the blame, I should have ordered sauce and moisture as my 2 toppings. Maybe you can’t tell by the photo but the first bite from each slice was nothing but crust and what looked like baked in sauce but it didn’t have any flavor other than corn meal.

Both first bites from both slices were politely removed from my mouth and placed on my checkered tissue paper. I didn’t really care about offending anyone since no one was there. The bites that had toppings were nothing special and both, even the slice with pineapple were so crazy dry that I wanted to go all Kobayashi on it and dunk the slices in my drink in order to choke them down.

Normally I will have one drink with lunch which is usually water. But since the soda was included I did get a Pepsi (diet Pepsi (New Year and all)). I finished 2 and half Pepsi’s in order to eat these slices and I didn’t even finish them.

After writing what you just read, I looked up other reviews to see if anyone else has had a bad experience. Yelp posters seem to love this place and I am one of the only negative reviews I was able to find in the short time of looking. Maybe its just my bad luck.

Or maybe its that the Yelp  commentors are all family friendly patrons. If you have kids, where in Bend can you go to sit down and have a pizza? Pappy’s? Izzy’s? Abby’s? Round Table?

If I had to choose between those options, then yes, with kids I’d probably go to Versante Pizza instead. But the pizza wasn’t good enough for me to recommend it even though they do have a couple video games. I’d rather just pick up a pizza from Olde Towne and call it a night.

Versante Pizza
1085 SE Third Street
Bend, OR 97702

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Jen January 18, 2011 at 6:05 pm

Another one we’ll just have to agree to disagree on, BOR. Maybe their lunch crew is smoking crack? Because I have never been there for lunch (who the heck goes all the way out there for lunch?!) and I have had exactly the opposite experience in the evenings. Great service, efficient turnaround on orders, and a friendly crowd of patrons (both eating in and taking out).

Either that, or their cracker-style crispy crust just isn’t your “thing”. But I have never had a dry pizza, just a crunchy crust. Granted, not thrilled with all their combinations of toppings but they seem to have something for everyone.

I do have to say… avoid Versante’s meatball sandwich. Blech. But I’d say the same thing about Olde Towne’s pizza, LOL. (On the other hand, love their calzones. Shrug!)


bendeats January 18, 2011 at 10:26 pm

The beauty of my reviews is that I review just what I ate on that visit. If, and its a big IF, I go back to Versante, it will be to get a full pizza at dinner and I’ll gladly give my honest opinion of that experience. Food reviews like this just show you that you shouldn’t even listen to chumps like me, you have to make your own opinions.



Michele November 20, 2012 at 5:23 am

I too had a bad experience with ” a slice” for lunch this past summer 2012. I was out on a shopping spree & needed something fast but not fast food. I believe it was 1:30 or 2 pm so it was late. The slice I got I should have returned but I was so freakin hungry. It was crust with a light coating of sauce, basically no cheese and few mushrooms. Also there was the strong smell of bleach. I appreciate good cleaning habits but not until the place is closed for the day. I’ve also experienced this bleach smell at The Summit twice and have not returned there. Now to Versantes credit, I have had their take out pies, both regular and GF , which were good !!


Sam January 22, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I’ve not been impressed there. I watched them taking the frozen dough (already in pizza shape, no less) out of the box, so that’s not a good start. It’s pretty crappy to pay gourmet prices for the equivalent of Pappy’s pizza.


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