Olive Garden Reloaded


Olive Garden Reloaded

Much like the 2nd Matrix, Olive Garden is trying to win back fans of the original. Also much like the 2nd Matrix, they will only confuse and frustrate their customer base leaving bland taste bud having Nascar fans not knowing how to get their unlimited pasta bowls or tour’s of Italy.

While reading Yahoo News I came across an article about Olive Garden trying to woo back customers after falling into a rut. To me, that rut started back in ’93 when I first went to an Olive Garden. That was actually the only time I enjoyed going to Olive Garden. Not for the good food or ambiance. Back then I was just an immature (more so than now) teenager and would go to the OG with my friends. We’d order just the salad and bread sticks and we’d eat a shit-ton of them.

If I were to revamp Olive Garden, I’d cut the menu down to two items and change the name to “Salad and Bread Sticks” as those are the only two things ANYONE ever says are any good. Like I’ve said in my previous post, the bread sticks “are like sticks of buttery crack”

Olive Garden Salad Bread Sticks

Olive Garden Salad Bread Sticks

I know you can’t wait to get in there and see the changes!

Olive Garden
63459 U.S. 97
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 312-4760

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