Old Mill Brew Werks


Old Mill Brew Werks

First off I think that any business that says they are in the Old Mill needs to specify Upper Decker or Lower Deck Old Mill. I went to meet some friends at Old Mill Brew Werks and drove around the lower deck lookin and lookin for it. And how come the Old Mill website does not go passed the AmeriTel Inn for the Upper Decker portion (and yes, I’m purposely saying upper decker cause its funny if you know what it is)? Its confusing man, that’s what I’m saying.

The Old Mill Brew Werks didn’t impress my friends with the food or the ambiance.  How hard is it to put a TV up? What do I do if I’m alone and want a pint or two, sit at the bar and talk to someone to pass my time? Hell no, I want to stare blankly at Sports Center or Fuel TV. At least then I have something to talk about with the other “barneys” that I’m rubbin elbows with.

The beer list is impressive though.

My friends and I sampled some onion rings, wings, quesadilla and sliders which were on the $5 happy hour menu. All of which were just eh. Nothing was impressive or memorable and I wouldn’t recommend any of them to friends if someone asked me what to get.

I ordered the Fish and Chips (or so I thought). The wife said “I want to get something with fries” and I made fun of her for awhile. I was saying things like “Seriously, you know that everywhere that serves fish and chips it really is fish and French fries right?” I was laying into her about it. I mean, it is common knowledge that when you say Fish and Chips that it is actually fries right? Right?

When the plate of Fish and actual potato chips was sat down, I simply put my head in my hands and took the abuse for the next few minutes. The current menu online does say Fish and Crisps. What the hell is that about?! I must have just read right passed the Crisps part but I swear the menu read Fish and Chips. I’m probably wrong.

Brew Werks Fish and Crisps

Brew Werks Fish and Crisps

Anyway, taking that aside, the “delicate white fish” was tilapia and it wasn’t good at all. I made everyone take a taste before anyone said anything just to make sure I wasn’t crazy. It was bland and tasted like something I could find in the frozen food section at the grocery store. Everyone said the same thing and I was the only one that ate more just to be sure. So it wasn’t a great first try of the food for us. Not one plate went back to the kitchen empty.

We all paid up and went to the lower deck to Kona Mix Plate for some food.

Old Mill Brew Werks
384 SW Upper Terrace (I guess if I knew the address when trying to find it, the Upper Terrace is a big hint that its up top of the old mill)
Bend, OR, 97702

Mon – Wed: 11:00 am – 8:00pm
Thurs – Fri:11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sat:1:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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jim February 27, 2011 at 2:04 am

Well sorry to here you and your friends had such a missrible time at Old Mill Brew Werks, we have gone to Brew Werks a couple of times and we will return, we thought the food, the atmosphere was great. If you need a TV to entertain you then go to MJ’S or The Summit. Hell Cheers did even have a TV.
I’m guessing your taste buds are just to brunt from crappy hot wings made with Franks Red Hot sauce to appreciate good food made from scratch.


king sausage March 2, 2011 at 6:56 pm

You mad Jim?

Man – my wife and I finally got around to checking this place out last Saturday. We’d been reading favorable reviews and were excited to have another option close to us (we live down Brookswood). We also like the story of the place and the owners. Bottom line, we really wanted to like this place.

We didn’t. At all.

Service – waiter/barkeep guy was half-attentive and half friendly. Place was almost empty yet we waited and waited to put in a food order. Luckily we had been served pints of some good beer, so we put up with it.

Beer list – a refreshing change from what you typically get in Bend, the single upside to our visit. I had the Hoedown Brown and it was delicious.

Food – Prior to Saturday it could truly have been said, although I don’t think I ever would have, that I’d never met a sausage I didn’t like. I love sausage. What’s not to love right? I’ve traveled the world over and never had a sausage that I didn’t like. This includes hotdogs. So imagine my total shock when upon ordering the bratwurst I was served something that *looked* like a sausage but tasted like….nothing. Seriously, it had no flavor and that’s something I can’t explain. At first I thought it was just that there was WAY too much mustard and it was wrapped in WAY too much bun, so I dismantled the thing and sliced/ate the “sausage” with a fork. Hear me now: NO. FLAVOR. No seasoning, no salt, not even a hint of pork grease goodness. I know that no matter how many times I tell people I had a sausage with no flavor, they won’t truly believe me. I understand why. But it’s true. First sausage I’ve ever ordered that I didn’t like and didn’t finish. Did I mention it was drowning in mustard. Bleh. I don’t care if it’s homemade Jim, it was terrible.

Naturally the waiter didn’t say a word when he picked up my plate w/ 2/3 of my food left on it. I didn’t expect he would, as he was clearly uninterested in my experience.

Atmosphere – The space is small, but a little creativity could go a long way. Tin tackers everywhere just serve to make it look like a college frat’s game room. They had music on, but it was so low I don’t know what kind of music it was…which led to a very small room that was nearly silent, and every word muttered was heard by anyone else in the room as if you were sitting around the same table.

Dammit, we so wanted to like this place. And I’ll likely go back just in case the real chef was home sick that day or something, but if what I had (and what you report, BOR) are the norm, this place will be gone in 10 months, good beer list or not. I personally hope they can turn it around.


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