Bend Brew Fest 2007


Bend Brew Fest

My thoughts on the Bend Brew Fest this year are summed up as follows – Eh (visualize the shoulder shrug if you like). I did like the little wooden tokens instead of tickets or “scripts”. The beers seemed to be the usual suspects and like my sassy lazy friend over at Brewerman, I liked the Yeti the best although LSD comes in a close second.

I wish the Bend Brew Fest would go to a ticket style like the PIB has. The tickets are based on the beer and not on the sample size. All samples are a full glass but depending on what beer you select you give up 1-4 tickets. At PIB I found quite a few great beers for 1-2 tickets. Well worth it. At the Bend Brew Fest you have to talk to your friends and keep a close eye on which volunteers have the heavy hand.

My technique is to go for one, maybe two tickets and hope they overfill while I try to distract them with my clever drunken banter “Hey there, boy this is a great little festival, love the shirt”. Three tickets seems like a waste as there is a maximum they can fill and then there is the head. Rip off.

For food offerings it seems like we’ve given up on restaurants at these events and Munch and Movies / Munch and Music. Just caterers, taco stands, and BBQ trailers. The vendors at Bend Brew Fest included Top Hat Catering, Deschutes Dogs, Rico’s Tacos, Realdelphia, Kasey’s BBQ, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Tumalo Farms.

Below are the pictures from Realdelphia cheese steaks, Deschutes Dogs, and the cutest picture ever of a little Cheetara eating some Ben & Jerry’s.

This little girl was with her family next to our group. When we first sat down she came over and just stood there for a minute and no one said anything. Then she growled/hissed at us and walked back over to her table. I was dying. Cutest thing ever. Later I was allowed to take a photo while it was safe as she was busy eating some Ben & Jerry’s.

Bend Brew Fest

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