Wendy’s Baconator


Wendy’s Baconator

The Wife grabbed one of the new premium burgers from Wendy’s along with some of the new sea salt fries and has not stopped talking about them. Actually she doesn’t really talk about them that often but if she hears “wendy’s” she goes – “OOOOoooh Wendy’s with the sea salt fries!” And THAT ladies and gentlemen, IS…HOW….THEY….GET….YOU!!! They being whoever it is that gets you, that’s how.

I was driving back from somewhere where I was doing something and was desperate for some quick food. I decided to give these fries a try. Especially since the last time I wrote about Wendy’s I apparently annoyed people that think I should only write about local, non-chain restaurants.

As I looked at the menu I had to see what this Baconator was all about. I ordered a baconator and the cashier asks “wanna go for the double?” Sigh…yes. 1/2 lb of beef, bacon, cheddar, butter, mayo, and ketchup.

wendy's baconator

Right off the bat the bun is noticeably greasy from the butter they use when they toast it. I burned through a stack of napkins. Mainly because I put my burgers down between bites and wipe my face and hands  like a normal human vs choking it down like I’m that T-Rex swallowing that goat in Jurassic Park. My first bite was great. It actually tastes very good. Very anti-veg. The beef actually tastes like real beef. The bacon was ok for fast food bacon but it wasn’t mind blowing. It wasn’t the Brother Jon’s bacon by any means. 

I made it through maybe half of this brick of a burger. The Baconator is super dense as if a “white knuckler” hand formed the patties. I should have just gone for the single but thought that I’d suffer for you. It’s a decent burger for being fast food. It wasn’t really worth the money or the guilt. Especially at 1390 calories and 84 grams of fat. 


Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
1609 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR
(541) 389-0522

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