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All my Redmondite readers have emailed/facebook/twittered me beggin to get me out to Redmond so I can try their best steak house – Brickhouse. But we have Jackalope and Blacksmith here in Bend. Plus, its tough for me to go out for a steak when can grill a mean steak myself.

The owners of the Redmond Brickhouse realized that I wasn’t going to make the drive out that way and decided to open a Bend location just so I wouldn’t have an excuse to not try it. I’m pretty sure THAT’s the reason they opened up the Bend Brickhouse in the old NW Urban Grill / horrible River Mill Grill / Fireside Red location.

If any place can make that jinxed location work its got to be the Brickhouse. It took me a couple attempts without reservations to make it in. I highly recommend that you call and reserve your seats. They are not like almost every other restaurant in Bend where we think we can walk it at anytime and get a spot with little to no wait. On our first attempt they wouldn’t have even sat us for 2 hours as they were fully booked. This was unfortunate as we ended up at Brew Werks for a poor night out.

But you are here for my pictures of the food we had on our visit to the Bend Brickhouse.

Brickhouse - Prawn Cocktail and French Onion

Brickhouse - Prawn Cocktail and French Onion

Prawn Cocktail – $9 and French Onion Soup – $6

I am pretty sure that I’ve documented my love of shell fish, especially prawns. These were just like I like them, cooked perfectly and deveined. Sorry Mike, I had to say it, just for you. The Wife LOVED her French Onion soup. I didn’t try it…probably because I don’t like onion soup or the French.

Normally when visiting a steak house I will go all out knowing that I’m going to drop a couple bills on dinner and drinks. But on this night I wasn’t in the mood for a Filet and Lobster Tail for around $50, I picked the 8oz Top Sirloin for $19 with mashers and asparagus.

Brickhouse Top Sirloin

Brickhouse Top Sirloin

The steak was cooked perfectly with some of those fancy steakhouse lines searing in and nice and pink in the middle exactly medium rare as I ordered.

The real steak eaters know that if you’re going to judge a steak house, you have to go with the ribeye and the Wife never disappoints. She loves a good, marbled ribeye and all the fatty grisle that my sissy ass won’t eat.

Brickhouse Rib Eye with Mushrooms and Onions

Brickhouse Rib Eye with Mushrooms and Onions

We both loved our steaks and the Wife convinced me to try a dessert even though we were both quite full.

Brickhouse Burnt Cream

Brickhouse Burnt Cream

Amazing. The best part of burnt cream is the burnt part. By serving the cream in a wide shallow dish we got more burnt surface area. It was perfect.

803 Southwest Industrial Way
Bend, OR 97702-1066
(541) 728-0334

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richard marriner August 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Took 2 guests to dinner august 13. This restaurant way over hyped.
Extremely high prices for entrees, the flavor and preperation do not match the price.
Good wine list, but, again over priced.
Have had just as good at Kayos, for a whole lot less money.


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