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Olde Towne Pizza

I think its obvious that I need to update my Best of Bend lists. I’d promise to do it but I’d just let you down. One list in particular my be the Best Pizza in Bend list. I’ve had some issues with my last few purchases from my previous favorite and lately have been absolutely LOVING the pizza from Olde Towne. The toppings are top shelf and they are not cheap with the quantity.

Amazing sausage and pepperoni and lots of it. Cooked to perfection and sprinkled with fresh garlic and Italian seasoning. It is currently my favorite pizza in Bend. Look at the photo and you’ll have no option but to agree with me on the portions. You’ll have to order one for yourself in order to understand how great these pies are.

They are not cheap on the wallet unfortunately. You’ll drop $31 on some of the extra large specialty pizzas. It will feed a bunch of people though unless you’re just a big ass fatty (like me).

A big complaint for me is the new(ish) delivery boundaries. Come on, you’re right downtown. You should be able to deliver to anyone in Bend. I’m within the boundaries posted on the site but can’t get a pie delivered unless business is slow at the time I call.

Olde Towne Pizza Company
118 NW Greenwood Ave
Bend Oregon 97701

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