La Rosa Lunch Bowls


La Rosa Lunch Bowls

If you have ever driven by the traffic circle – yes, they are called traffic circles because we are in America and not communist Europe or down under where they might say “Round-a-bout” – at NW Crossing and Mt Washington Drive you must have noticed the yellow signs displaying the $6 Lunch Bowls currently being peddled by La Rosa. I decided that I had to give them a shot.

For $6 you get to choose one of 4 options, all of which come with rice and beans in a to-go box, topped with your choice of sauce and then some additional options for a small fee. Plus they throw in a soda. You can select Chicken, Beef, Pork, or stupid Veggies and then for $0.50 more you can add lettuce or tomatoes. For $1 more you can add cheese, pica de gallo, or avocado.

For my selection I went for Chicken, burrito sauce, and added avocado for $7 total.

La Rosa - $6 Lunch Bowl

La Rosa - $6 Lunch Bowl

As I carried the to-go box back to my car I thought it felt like a huge portion and it was. Unfortunately as I ate it I felt that it could have used more chicken. Mostly it was rice and beans. It was very tasty. I really like La Rosa for how clean the food tastes. Not saturated with butter and oil. The one thing I’d add to this lunch (besides more meat) is a tortilla or some chips.

Since it was only $7 total, I am not really going to complain. I enjoyed my lunch just fine but I have some recommendations for La Rosa since you asked. Ok you didn’t really ask but I never care. I’m just going to force my opinions down your throat. I would drop the $0.50 charge for lettuce and move the tomato option to the $0.75 additional charge along with the cheese and avocado options and not charge extra for the pica da gallo. This way I can add cheese and avocado for $1.50 total making my lunch a reasonable $8.50. Charging for lettuce is silly.

Make these changes and you’d have a regular customer out of your pal BOR. Regardless, if you are in the area, the La Rosa six buck chuck is not a bad option at all.

La Rosa
Mt Washington Dr & NW Crossing Dr
Bend Oregon
11am – 10pm Daily

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Jen January 24, 2011 at 7:26 pm

As usual, you crack me up!


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