10 Barrel Fish and Chips


10 Barrel

This weeks edition of Fried Food Friday (the internets sensation sweeping the country that you can also participate in on Twitter of Facebook) brought me to 10 Barrel for some Fish and Chips. I’ll admit, I don’t know enough about the price of fish but I would be willing to wager that 3 pieces of Halibut, fries, slaw and tarter sauce turns a large profit at $15.

10 Barrel Fish and Chips

10 Barrel Fish and Chips

Is it really that expensive to get fish in Bend? Everywhere seems to charge around $15 for fish and chips. Am I wrong? If anyone knows of affordable and delicious fish and chips, lemme know.

Price aside, they were very very good. Nice fillet, light batter, fried perfectly. I liked the shoestring potatoes and tarter as well.  I wish there would be at least one more piece of Halibut on the plate but regardless, I would get this dish again at 10 Barrel.

10 Barrel
1135 NW Galveston Building A

11-11 Sunday-Thursday
11-12 Friday-Saturday

1135 NW Galveston Building A541.678.5228
Hours:11-11 Sunday-Thursday11-12 Friday-Saturday

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matt February 2, 2011 at 6:56 pm


I read your blog regularly and decided to leave a comment this time. Yes, I am partial, but our fish ‘n chips at the Summit are delicious and at $12 a bargain considering that we serve 4 pieces of beer battered cod with house cut fries and slaw. Please come and give them a try!



Also, I know you were disappointed by our consistency in the past. I am confident that we have solved that problem.


Loki February 5, 2011 at 6:28 pm

When we lived inthe valley good quality fish is just as expensive. Halibut especially.


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