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Cafe 3456

Cafe 3456, located out at the BEND airport, is well worth the trip out East. If you live on the east side, you have no excuse to not drive over. I want to emphasize that Cafe 3456 is at the BEND airport since every person that I’ve talked to seems to hear airport and assume Redmond. Even when I say Bend airport, they get Redmond airport stuck in their head.

My first trip to Cafe 3456 was for lunch and after looking over the menu, I had to go for the Yak Burger. Yup, Yak. They offer Elk, Bison, Yak, Antelope, and Beef burgers. When I’m given the opportunity to eat something that I can’t normally get anywhere else, I’ll go for it.

It used to not be that way for me. I used to go to El Caporal and get the chicken enchiladas every time. Or Bend Brewing Company for the BBQ Turkey of focaccia. Just the same places for the same dishes. Ever since writing this blog I’ve branched out to try new stuff and really have enjoyed it. So I went for the Yak burger – $9.

The Yak was very meaty, not fatty and not too juicy really but great meaty flavor/consistency. I’d get it again if it wasn’t for the other burger options. I mean, with all the great choices on the menu, the burger might not make it into rotation for a long time. Great burger and fries.

On my next visit I took the Wife for breakfast. I went for the Monte Cristo – Brioche with Ham, Turkey and Cheese. Battered and served with Cranberry Port Jam.

Very pleased to see that the Monte Cristo was actually battered on all sides instead of just being a few slices of French Toast and then called a Monte. Quality wise the Monte Cristo at Cafe 3456 is very good, I just wish there was more Turkey and Ham. It seemed very light on my sandwich. If there was a little more meat, I’d recommend it but for right now, I would pass.

The table next to us had this huge cast iron skillet with what looked like a pancake covering the entire bottom. The Wife asked what it was and then proceeded to order it, the Dutch Baby – Oven Baked Egg Souffle with Apples (for only like $7.50!)

The Dutch Baby is awesome and everyone should get one. The only down side to it is the temperature. That thing was like a fruit lava. It took forever to cool down to an acceptable eating level and we kept burning our mouths trying to force it too soon. But it was so good we couldn’t resist.

Cafe 3456
63136 Powell Butte Highway
Bend, OR 97701-7906
(541) 318-8989

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Karen February 22, 2010 at 6:31 pm

I am definitely going there for lunch one day this week. Food looks great and the prices are reasonable. Also, I notice on the cafe3456 website that they don't take cash. Even better, as I never carry it!


Nostrada February 22, 2010 at 9:12 pm

I found the french fries to be way too salty. But the burgers were spot on.


Anonymous March 11, 2010 at 7:28 am

I read your review and had to try it. Ate there last Sunday. The food is AMAZING. Loved the Yak burger and the sweet potato fries. And I must say the owners and employees are very friendly and laid back. Can't wait to go back again.


Anonymous March 13, 2010 at 8:59 am

That is not a dutch baby. Atleast not a good one. A dutch baby should climb all the way up the side of the pan. And if you get it really right out the top. That baby hardley even gets past the pancake stage.


Grunniens Yak Ranch August 18, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Thanks for help get the word out about yak burger and yak meat. It is great to see it showing up around the country!


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