Wendy’s – Bend Oregon



Wendy’s has some of the smallest burger’s I’ve seen! The photo below shows a burger off their value meal with fries and a frosty. I put the small frosty spoon next to the burger so you can see how small this sucker is.

Now that’s tiny. I like Wendy’s when it comes to getting a fast food burger. Fast food is rarely on my list of options but every now and then I get the craving for some gut busting, nasty ass fast food. I always like the Wendy’s burgers with their crispy, bright lettuce and tomatos and soft buns. There’s something about soft buns that gets me.

I LOVE taking some of their fries and dipping them into the frosty. That salty/sweet/hot/cold combo is great. I’ve been dipping my fries into a shake or frosty ever since I was a snot nosed kid. It takes me back and is just one of those things I never grew out of.

Anyway, the value menu at Wendy’s is ok but if they keep making burgers this small, it aint worth the buck.

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
1609 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR
(541) 389-0522

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