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I haven’t read much of The Source Weekly since Laurie J. Rice stopped writing the food reviews but damn if H. Bruce Miller might get me back. The last two paragraphs of his Westside Is Reeling After Meth Bust article are pure genius.

“Well, gosh, who wouldn’t be shocked? Swarthy guys with moustaches peddling drugs (and METH, no less – how yucky, how déclassé!) is something that’s simply not supposed to happen on the Westside, where the homes are Craftsman-cute and the residents treat their toned, Spandex-clad bodies as temples. It’s only supposed to happen on the Eastside, where all the ugly shopping centers and crappy apartment complexes are located and the obese denizens pollute their bodies with fast-food burgers and other toxins.”

Well done my man. Keep that shit up. Eastside sucks.

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