A Week of Giving


My goal for this week is to give. I want to have a entire week’s worth of posting about giving. I don’t have a solid plan so anyone with any ideas of what I can do or which groups I can donate to, please let me know.

I started the week off with taking some food to Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate for the Salvation Army Food Drive. We were already at Costco and I had the list of recommended items. So while we were weaving in and out people lining up for samples of chili and OJ (have I ranted about how freakin annoying it is that people line up for samples of the stupidest crap and say things like “ooooh what is this, bread? MMMM that sounds nice. I’ve never had that before.” while they leave their over sized cart right in the way of those of us that don’t care about a sample of green beans and all we want to do is to shop, leave, and get on with our day? No? I haven’t ranted about that yet? I’ll try to get to that one day), we collected some soup, mac n cheese, cereal, tuna, salmon and some other stuff.

It was a good start to our day and left us with a warm fuzzy feeling. By the time we dropped off the food, Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate had already taken an entire truck full of food to the Salvation Army. They said that the food drive had collected enough food for 4 months. That’s great!

My next stop is to either drop off or at least get the check in the mail for NeighborImpact. Apparently I have collected money from Google Adwords and I was not aware of it. The money has been direct deposited into a bank account that I never check. Your support of my sponsors (clicking on the Ads) has raised almost $700. I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

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Michelle December 17, 2008 at 6:17 am

That’s so awesome!! Looked like a ton of food you were able to donate. I hear this year the food banks are really low. Friday I am volunteering at one (foodforlife). Look at you Mr. Good Deeds. What the heck??


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