Reed Market Pub


Reed Market Pub

A friend of mine keeps telling me to try the wings at the Reed Market Pub every time I blog about the Best Hot Wings in Bend. Well, I tried them and I lost respect for said friend.

Before I go off on the some of the worst wings in Bend I will say that there are some good things going on at the Reed Market Pub.

1) Excellent beer selection
2) Free peanuts in the shell that you throw on the ground
3) Video games and pool tables

If I was going to go out and drink beer while playing pool, I would head to the Reed Market Pub I guess. Seems fun and all but I wouldn’t eat anything. After watching the bartender/waitress make a pizza, then make some change for a guy gambling on the lotto machines, and then make a sandwich without washing her hands or using gloves, I decided on something cooked or fried from the back where I can’t see the dirt. I’d just rather not know.

The wings were flavorless and seemed to be identical to those purchased from Costco. They were hot as hell (temperature wise) which I was hoping killed off anything that would make me ill. After the wings and beer I felt gross for the rest of the day. I did catch up on some reading later that evening while visiting the bathroom many times.

Jen, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to wings. Go to BBC or Deschutes for some real wings, even though they don’t serve the wingettes.

Reed Market Pub
1141 SE Centennial St
Bend, OR