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Jackalope Grill

I love the Jackalope Grill. On my birthday I had some Nancy P’s for breakfast, tried the Country Catering Company for lunch, and when it came to my birthday dinner, I decided on the Jackalope Grill. I’ve already discussed the layout of the Jackalope Grill and its odd location in the strip mall on my first post so I’ll hold off on that this time around.

A new email buddy said that they wished the Jackalope Grill would take over the old Robby J’s location and I couldn’t agree more. That would be a great spot and if anyone could do well there, it would be them.

Of all my “reviews”, non have the amount of positive comments that the Jackalope Grill has received. Nothing but glowing comments about this “hidden treasure” as one commentor put it.

Of course we started off with the clams and they were soooooo good. The sand quantity has been fixed or at least it was on this occasion. We soaked up the gravy with our bread again and enjoyed every bite.

The wife went for the Soup du Jour. She asked “What’s the Soup du Jour?” and the waitress said “Its the soup of the day.” The wife responded with “Mmm, sounds yummy. I’ll have that.”

I had the field greens salad. I know I know. Yes I do eat vegetables from time to time.

For my entree I decided on the Filet Mignon. The filet could not have been cooked any better. It was absolutely perfect. After a couple Sapphire Martini’s I don’t think I noticed that the filet was covered in the classic brandy sauce. Normally I want my steak to be seasoned with salt and pepper, then throw a pat of butter on it as it comes off the grill and call it a day. I am now a fan of the brandy and peppercorn sauce. It was very good and I may even get it again.

Awesome dinner! If you have not been to the Jackalope Grill yet, then you’re stupid.

Jackalope Grill
1245 SE Third St.
Bend, OR 97702

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jessefelder May 27, 2008 at 4:31 pm

i guess i’m stupid then – but i’ll try to learn me some good eats soon…


bruce May 27, 2008 at 6:47 pm

Tim and Kathy are great folks. I know them from back in our common Alta days, many moons ago, when they managed the Shallow Shaft. It was truly a find when I realized they had a new restaurant here in Bend only a few blocks across the Parkway from us.


Anonymous June 1, 2008 at 5:32 pm

Tim Garling is Bend’s MASTER CHEF! Sarah


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