Baltazar’s – Bend Oregon


Baltazar’s – Bend Oregon

Blah blah blah Baltazar’s Blah No kids Blah…yeah I’ve heard the news. But I loooove the chorizo and cheese that you can grab off of the appetizers menu. If you get the chorizo and cheese, some guac, and some tortillas, you don’t have to get dinner. With a cast iron skillet filled with chorizo and bubblin hot cheese, I’m a happy BOR!

What I love about this dish is the simplicity but full of salty, greasy, cheesy, porky goodness. They use ground chorizo instead of being slices of sausage in it’s casing. Oh it is soooo good.

Blah blah Don’t go there, Blah. I’m sorry, I’ve gone there and I’ll go there again (insert the two snaps and a twist like from In Living Color’s “Men on Film”). You can’t tell me what to do.

The fish tacos for lunch are also really good. I like how light everything is. Nothing heavy or greasy that makes you want to pass out when you get back from lunch. I call that feeling of wanting to crash after a heavy Mexican meal the Mexicoma.

1465 SW Knoll Ave (just off of 14th)