Best Burger in Bend Oregon – 2007


Best Burger in Bend Oregon

I absolutely love a Bacon Cheeseburger and any place that does a solid burger, wins a place in my heart. I’ve had burgers all over Bend and of course the best burgers come from the places that specialize in such. So all the best of lists always have the same two mentioned….Pilot Butte and Dandys. We’ll, I’m not much different. The only difference for me is that I rarely make it to Pilot Butte that much.

There are many places in Bend that will serve up a mean burger. Pilot Butte obviously, Village Grill, Cheerleaders, Deschutes with their hand made buns, Jake’s Diner with the Megaburger, McKay’s Cottage with the $10 burger, but for me, the Best Burger in Bend Oregon comes from Dandy’s Drive-In.

My favorite part of the post I wrote about Dandy’s is:

“If you go to Dandy’s Drive-In and you’re driving your F25000 Diesel Mac Truck Hemi 2×4 V89, do me a favor and shut your stupid engine off. People like to have their windows down but no, you need to keep your nasty engine running right next to me for 15 minutes while you chit chat on your old cellular telephone while waiting for your chocolate malt to take back to your double wide. I don’t like you. But I do like the Grand Dandy.”

The Grand Dandy is insanely good. Get it.

Dandy’s Drive-In
1334 Ne 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-6141

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