Hola!, Bend Oregon



“Hola, is it me you’re looking for?” Yes, yes it is! Thank you Hispanic Lionel.

Quite a few people have recommended Hola since it opened about 4 months ago. The part owners of La Rosa left their gig there and started up their own restaurant on the east side of Bend. Eating at Hola! gave us the chance to see Anna again, our favorite waitress at El Caporal from back in the day. Sadly, Anna was not working that day but we’ll be back for sure…next time we go to Costco.

The other reviews that I have read on Hola! have all mentioned their unique take on chips and salsa.

Starting from the left we have your regular salsa, a type of hummus/peanut butter fusion, and some green stuff. All three were rather good. The salsa was your typical salsa, I still think El Caporal has the best chips and salsa in Bend. The hutter was decent for what it was but I left that mostly for the wife as I couldn’t stop dipping pieces of that roll into the green stuff. Someone tell me what that is please. HackBend called it a “mint pesto-type sauce” which I’ll agree with. And the roll? I’m lost.

When I get confused at restaurants I remember one of the rules from this great sushi place in Seattle called Mashiko (with the greatest domain name ever that I’ll never forget) – “Shut up and eat”. So I did.

I went for numero uno on the menu, the Carne Azada. Still working out the camera kinks so my photo did not come out. It was cooked to perfection and if you like steak, get it. Their rice is not your typical spanish rice mixture but a lighter more Japanese type of white rice, rather refreshing.

The wife made a great decision and got the apple bacon wrapped prawns:

The cheesy, heavy cream sauce smothering the prawns and veggies was awesome and is currently clogging my arteries perfectly. Who doesn’t like Prawns wrapped with Bacon slathered with cheese? Can I unsubscribe you from reading this?

Oh and of course the drinks! Expensive beverages but worth it and the alcohol numbs the pain when the bill comes. Dishes were around $11-$16 for dinner and drinks were around $8-$11 for margaritas. At least that’s what I remember. I LOVED that the bartender came out and took drink orders for all of us waiting for our tables. Although standing there with a Cactus Margarita in one hand and the freezing cold shaker containing the rest of my beverage in the other was a little awkward. The alcohol numbed that too.

2670 NE Highway 20 Bend, OR 97701
541 389 4652
Open 7 days a week 11am to 10pm – Dinner Menu after 4pm

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http://www.thebendreport.com/archives/15 (called the green stuff a cilantro lime sauce but didn’t identify the Hutter)
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