Kona Mix Plate, Bend Oregon


Kona Mix Plate, Bend Oregon

Does anyone know where you can find Kal-bi ribs in Bend? I do. Kona Mix Plate located in the Reed Lane Plaza offers authentic cuisine from the Big Island. The entire crew is from Hawaii which is good if you are offering authentic Hawaiian food.

The menu is pretty confusing when you first walk in (and their website doesn’t help much either, yet) so I grabbed one of their printed menus which made it easier for me. They were more than helpful and very patient with me while I tried to make up my mind.

I decided on the Kal-Bi (Cal-bee) ribs and the Chicken Katsu. That’s right I MIXED IT UP which is encouraged. Getchyur, getchyur, getchyur MIX ON! Like that mixed tape you made for that 9th grade hotty that’s all chuck full of hits from Boys to Men and Fine Young Cannibals, you can add two or three of Kona’s hits to one mixed plate for $8.50 and $11.50 respectfully. For some weird reason that even I can’t explain, the results you get from your mix at Kona is more satisfying than when you get that “Oh, a mixed tape, uh, thanks?” response as she tosses it into her locker before heading off to Algebra 1-2. B#*ch.

HAHA ok ok, that last part was uncalled for…just jokes people. Moving on.

I started off with a Fire Rock Pale Ale from the Kona Brewing Company which apparently is huge on the Big Island. I’ve never been to Hawaii so I have no idea what I’m talking about when I’m ordering it.

“Duh…Is um, Kona Brewing Company associated with this restaurant” I ask thinking that Kona Mixed Plate and Kona Brewing are the same company…idiot…gosh!

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was a “Pint of Paradise” but it was a great beer that went well with my meal. It went down smooth and I wish I had time for another pint but the service was too fast…maybe next time I’ll just drink faster…yeah that’s smart.

With your meal you get the choice of rice or fries as well as a choice of Grandma’s famous PotatoMac or a tossed green salad. Why is there a choice between PotatoMac or a freakin green salad? I’ll personally smack you across the back of your neck if you choose the latter.

The wife was running late to meet me so I order for her and got the Kal-Bi ribs and Shrimp Tempura. She normally gets the Bulgogi, my bad. She didn’t complain though, this junk is the bizzomb!

We devoured our perfectly prepared ribs in no time. The Chicken Katsu was light for being a deep fried piece of chicken. The PotatoMac was awesome and I don’t even like potato salad or macaroni salad. I chose it cause I thought it would be cheesy like macncheese. Obviously my brain was not firing on all cylinders.

With a menu this big, I can guarantee that I will be posting a few more times on Kona Mix Plate. I can’t wait to try the Chicken Teriyaki sandwich…can’t say I’ve seen that on a menu before.

Kona Mix Plate
A taste of Hawaii in Bend! Call for Pick up – 633-7378
61470 S. Highway 97, Bend, Oregon.
Open Monday – Saturday 11am – 9pm, Closed Sundays.