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I have a plethora of photos from places I have visited recently but I am skipping all of them for a moment to show you the photos from today’s lunch. I went back to one of my favorite spots in Bend, SOBA. As much as I praise SOBA, I have to admit, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just really like their food. And I mean I like like their food.

Now, the wife is always saying that I should venture out of my norm and get something different. She is a big fan of trying new dishes but when I find something I like, I’ll stick to it forever! That’s right, she can’t tell me what to do, I wear the pants in this family. (she never reads this blog) Normally I would chow down on some Chicken Phad Thai or the Spicy Shrimp Noodle Soup, especially on a cold day like today. But…something was telling me to get something different.

I took Jessica’s advice (she’s a great hostess/server…tip her well) and got the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but chose to have the glass noodles. I love glass noodles, it’s like see through angel hair. My mom says that I’m an Angel.

First I had the sampling of the Firecracker Shrimp:

I had a different picture with a slightly better angle but I liked the way the sun glistened off of the sauce. It’s pretty. Anyway, I like shrimp, I like firecrackers, I don’t like oily. The firecracker shrimp taste great with their shrimpy goodness and the crispy wrap. But the wrap is really crispy for a reason, deep fried. Pretty oily but it’s still pretty good. I’d get em again.

The Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle has a medley of stir fried vegetables in a garlic sauce along with Chicken, Pork, AND Shrimp. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT IT HAS ALL THREE!!! I always just assumed you got to pick one. Do I need to go any further? Yes, I recommend the Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle but get glass noodles!

SOBA Asian Bistro
945 NW Bond Street
Bend, OR 97701
Ph: 541.318.1535


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